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Released in 2014,this Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike is still the best popular choice for those riding fans looking for the Best 26″ wheel Men’s Mountain Bike Under 200 dollars. The Roadmaster Granite Peak as a professional provider of quality mountain bikes has successfully made its 26″ wheel Men’s Mountain Bike become the best seller of hardtail mountain bikes. . Consumers like affordable and powerful machines to make them ride on the roads, and this one might be what most guys are eager for, just like what one customersaid on Amazon-“ good quality for the money”. Whereas, not everybody feels the same about how well this bike works, so the following review will uncover my secrets on some reasons for choosing this mountain bike..

Best 26″ wheel Men’s Mountain Bike Under 200 Dollars I Recommend

Highlights of the best affordable Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

Best 26" wheel Men's Mountain Bike Under 200 dollars

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Physical feel and look

This Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike is an extremely handsome machine, whose whole bike body painted with red and black is designed like slim,metallic and fashionable. The linear pull brakes owns a nice feel and give you a great power when a sure stop is needed. If you are riding on an uneven road, you can greatly experience the stable and smooth which does let you love.

Fantastic 3-piece mountain crank

Compared to the other mountain bikes, This Roadmaster Granite Peak is equipped with more powerful 3-piece mountain crank to offer wide gear range , and this is mainly what’s fresh on this model vs the other one. In addition, the Linear pull brakes will help you get sure stopping power,which seems everything  is in your hand.

Irreplaceable suspension fork 

Compared to other common bikes, the biggest difference of Roadmaster Granite Peak

mountain bikes is their suspension fork,which ensures them can better smooth the path ahead of you and reduce the uncomfortable from uneven road. The amazing stable riding experience makes its suspension fork irreplaceable.

Quality tire

.A pair of 26-inch wheels is enough for your need to the wheel size. And its tire tread easilygrips pavement or dirt.

SRAM drive twist shifters

With 18 speeds, SRAM drive twist shifters can change gears smoothly. Therefore, you can easily change slow speed to relax or switch to fast to enjoy the fun of galloping.

The pros and cons


  • itis right at home on unpaved, rugged paths or cruising the streets in your neighborhood
  • Good Desigh,Good build quality, Good performance.
  • Easy smooth riding and good in control.


Some customers complained that the seat was a little small.

Consumer Ratings- Best Mountain Bike Under 200 Dollars For Men?

This Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike , has about 35 reviews and ranks the top one in hardtail mountain bikes on, even some other mountain bikes costing more than 400 dollars are ranking lower.


This is about $200 unit, it is quite cheap, but the performance is not at a discount. One of the marketing strategy for seems keeping pricing competitive . Currently, their price is very attractive and you can check out present price and see whether that’s still the case–>>>>Click Here To Find Best Price

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