Best Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes Under 1000 Dollars (2017 Updated)

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The recent Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is designed to face the jolt from downhill biking, reduce your discomfort of up and down and ensure bike’s stability. And the better your bike is, the more fun you can get. So the best Dual Suspension Mountain Bike with reliable performance is a good choice for riders. Then how to faster and better get one best Affordable full suspension mountain bike around 1000 dollars? I will share my practical experience with you in the following report, which should be helpful for your purchase.

How to select best value Dual Suspension Mountain Bike under 1000 ?

In fact, by mastering several key features you can easily distinguish satisfied best value Dual Suspension Mountain Bike under 1000 dollars.

Key 1——-components

The performance of mountain bike is determined by the quality of its components, such as frame, front fork, brakes, and shifters.

Key2——–merits and demerits

Each mountain bike has its own characteristics which lead to different merits and demerits. You should get know these and make a contrast and then find the one you like most.

Key2——–customer reviews

Customer reviews can greatly reflect the true information and performance of products, which help you purchase the quality bike. So you should care about this key.


Where to purchase the cost-efficient product? I usually like to go to, because i often got big bang for the buck and the price there is far lower than official price.

Best Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes Under 1000 Dollars (2017 Updated)

Here, I’d like to recommend one mountain bike for you which is selected by above methods. As the best Dual Suspension Mountain bike for 1000, the following product does worth your money.

Merax Yond 26″ Dual-Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike

The mountain bike with double aluminum rims are designed to maximize performance and durability, it weighs 330 pounds, though it has a bit heavy but its linear pull brake can control the car itself. Moreover, this mountain bike has a transmission, even in the relatively steep slopes do not need to spend great strength. However, it is necessary to adjust the transmission.


Double suspension design: Dual suspension design has the advantage of smooth bumps and better control of the bike.

Speed variator: It allows you to ride on steep slopes and also have a rapid acceleration.

High performance: This mountain bike has a linear pull brake, you can stop in a more stable braking.


This bike has a little heavy, so It is not very convenient to travel far away .

What Current Owners Say this 

I really love the mountain bike, it looks very cool, and its performance is very good, it can be ride on the rough terrain, I don’t feel very bumpy, I believe everyone know it will love it,I will high recomand it for you!


This Dual Suspension is really cool because of its high performance and cool appearance, It is the best choice for cycling enthusiasts.


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