Best Folding Mountain Bikes Under 200/500/1000 Dollars

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Do you know the best folding mountain bikes ?and do you know how much can you buy a cheap a comfortable folding mountain bike.If your answer is no,you do not need to worry about this,then I will give you some information in regard to getting the Best Folding Mountain Bikes Under 200/500/1000 Dollars of 2016 and offer you the reasons why you should choose it.

Although,we think that the folding mountain bikes are suitable for every side in our daily life, one of the wonderful ways reduce the range is to think about the model of riding you want to do.That will help you seek out a bike which you need to finish your enjoyable journey !

Comparison Chart:Best Folding Mountain Bikes Under 200/500/1000 Dollars

  • I have browsed many webs and magazines with the purpose of getting much useful information.I think it necessary for you to read this article before you rush to a bridal shop.
  • There are three kinds of folding mountain bikes that we have searched for you to are need to pay close attention to it and we will guarantee that the comparison chart been updated in the first time.

what are the things to look for in buying folding bikes

  • Ensure a right size that you want

Size can determine its use .for example,you are going to ride lots of miles,you are required to your ability to carry it around and its’d better not to buy a a large  size of bike if you are a man of small size. If you buy a non-standard bikes,you are likely to be put in a tight spot  when parts wear out.So, make a right choice of the size,you’ll  get a smooth journey.

  • Look at getting a custom seat

A new bike always have a new seat but not a comfortable seat.So,you need to buy one or two new seat that you are pleased with in in case you experience the feeling of discomfort.

  • Try to get as many safety features built-in or included with the bicycle

If your bike is very expensive,you can find its design includes many kinds of light reflecting device and and  integrated reflectors. You can try your best to maximize your return.So,its important to get more safety features because the mountain trip will create much trouble for you.

Best Folding Mountain Bikes Under 200/500/1000 Dollars

Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike under $1000.

Best Folding Mountain Bikes Under 200/500/1000 Dollars

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The patented folding design including  load bearing capabilities and durability. In addition,its Paratrooper offers you advanced features with 24 speeds.this kind of bike can be folded to a compact size.patented folding system is designed to bring you much convenience.


  • patented folding system: make folding easier and makes it the strongest folding bike on our market
  • Folding Integrated Technology: based around frame construction concepts and designed for downhill bikes.
  • More size available: It is a popular trend that selecting a light size bicycle.

Reasons to Buy

For your business or pleasure ,a fold mountain bike can create much convenience and add more grace for you.The bike is also a good tool to help you exercise.when you own it for a long time,you will gain good figure

Customer Reviews

I have read a lot of reviews and I am sure that this bike was worth its was a great folding bike.It has Sturdy wheels and can be sold easily and easy to carry.This bike seems to be a certified trail killer.I love it very much.

Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Mountain Bike Under 200 Dollars

Folding Mountain BikeIf you consider this product just as a simple mountain bike, you are wrong! This Stowabike Folding Mountain Bike stacks up pretty well against the competition. High quality components, dual suspension and incredible folding frame make this bike tough and looks great! Furthermore, you are allowed to place this folding bike in your car or your home. A little storage space is enough for this. It is very convenient for you to ride this bike.


Stowabike folding frame: The folding frame is simple and save your space when you place this bike.

26″ suspension steel fork: This steel fork provide you with large space to hold living supplies.

Steel v-brakes: Its brake is very useful and sensitive when you are riding on challenging mountain hills.


It is a little hard to adjust this brake if you have no tool.

Customer Reviews:  

I’m perfectly pleased with this mountain bike. This frame is very convenient for me. I am allowed to place this bike on anywhere I want. This is an excellent product and the delivery is speedy. I love this.

Bottom Line

Honestly, this bike comes with a low price for this perfect quality. The design is very simple but elegant. You are allowed to use this bike to do exercise.

Any Other Folding Mountain Bikes Under 200/500/1000 Dollars?

 New 26″ Folding Mountain Bike Foldable Bicycle  6 SP Speed Shimano under $200

Best Folding Mountain Bikes Under 500

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Customer Reviews

Five Stars!This bike is Great for these people who has little storage space.moreover,its instruction  is very detailed.It saved me a lot of money and I get what I pay for.It was an excellent bicycle and the after-sale service was nice!




Stowabike 26″ Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike 18 Speed Shimano Bicycle under $500

Customer Reviews

Best Folding Mountain Bikes Under 1000 Dollars

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It was a nice exercise tool! It has rear shocks and make your seat comfortably.I have bought it for one year and no part wear out.It was very durable!It is also a Bargain Bin Priced Unique Bike.I want to buy another one for my wife.


My Recommendation

Maybe you have difficult in selecting a nice bike,but you don’t need to worry. Following above my introduce,you will know the price function of the best folding mountain bikes ,and you can chose the most suitable one for yourself .I think you will do the right choice!

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