Best Single Speed Mountain Bike under $200, $500 and $1000 (2017)

My cousin asked me to help him picking a single speed mountain bike last week, but it was not as simple as it sounds to be, so hear me out about it. There are numerous Single Speed Mountain Bikes online to pick from and I couldn’t even remember them at all. If you are a bike rider and planning to buy a MTB online, I bet you must be so confused like I did. Therefore, for those who are just like me, I’m going to share what I’ve found during the whole last week, which will absolutely save you guys a lot of time wandering between each big website.

You’d better get ready now and check out the comparison report below for the best single speed mountain bike (Under $200/500/1000)!

Comparison chart:Best single speed mountain bike under $200, $500 and $1000

In this article, you will find choosing a single speed MTB not so hard followed by these introductions. An instantly updating will be given since the fast development of market. Therefore if you want to catch up with the trends, be sure to check out this article now and then.

Nashbar Single-Speed 29er Mountain Bike

Single Speed Mountain BikeThis is a lightweight Single Speed Mountain Bike, for a skilled driver, the price is very good to buy such a bike. You can ride this mountain bike around town or on local rail trails. In this case, you will be offered great riding experience and endless happiness. Its tires are the biggest advantage of this mountain bike, you can have ultrafast speed and good control of its position, so you will have a safe ride experience.


Aluminum alloy frame: Its aluminum alloy frame is very powerful, not only can reduce rigidity and vibration but also used to deal with public riding TEKTRO novela mechanical disc brakes.

It is very light: The frame of the bicycle is made of aluminum frame, it is light, and it is good for us to ride.

Tires are nano: the bike of nano tire speed is very fast and very good control position.


The pedal of a bicycle is made of plastic and can’t bear great force.

What Current Owners

This price is too expensive to buy this Single Speed Mountain Bike, my friends often ride with me, the car itself is very light, it is very suitable for girls riding, I highly recommend you to buy it.


This Single Speed Mountain Bike is very light, it is very suitable for girl who like riding, it is the biggest advantage of the mountain bike.

Tips for your single speed mountain bike choosing

Set your affordable price:

It’s very necessary for you to set up a reasonable budget before rushing to the store. You need to know a general price for each kind of mountain bike with different functions, or even the rank will do you some good.

Knowing your riding purpose:

Modern mountain bikes are made of thousands of different types, for amateurs and professionals. First of all, you should consider what you are going to do with the bike. Are you planning to just riding it around the streets or better high-intensity sports.


After knowing what you want to do with your bike, it’s time to consider the material. You have to make sure that the frame such as aluminum won’t be too heavy to lift. In the meanwhile, makes sure those upscale one won’t be over your budget.

Top 3 single speed mountain bikes under $200, $500 and $1000

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike under $200

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike under 300

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Check out this Single Speed Mountain Bike which is only going to cost you 200 dollars! This fixed-gear mountain bike is hand-built with an ideal component set up. It allows you to go beach cycling so breezily and even do some freestyle tricks. Dirt or moisture won’t be any of the problems since the bottom bracket is sealed. All the components are well chosen such as the pedals, brakes, and cranks and so on. Despite daily use, this bike can hold up for years! No wonder it sales so well on Amazon.


  • Available in all size and there are more than 10 colors for you to choose from
  • All the tools you need for building your own bike is included
  • The majority of the components comes with a well-known brand name
  • Potholes and tough asphalt are all optimized for your riding
  • Equipped with high class super deep-V rims, very fast respond system
  • Guaranteed free-shipping service

Why you should buy:

  • Different from those traditional mountain bikes, this Single Speed Mountain Bike has outstanding outlook. 10 colors were given to be chosen from, which will definitely appeal to the young group.
  • It is a perfect Single Speed Mountain Bike for those whose budget is tight, in the meanwhile also show your fashion taste.

Customer review

Honestly, it is easy assembly. I accomplished it within half an hour. Got what you paid for and the shipment is really fast. I can’t complain about the pedals or crank because they are just at the right place. I feel fantastic climbing hills and roaming through the city.



Nashbar Single-Speed 29er Mountain Bike under $500

Single Speed Mountain Bike

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Can you imagine MTB without stinking gears? If not, check out this Single Speed Mountain Bike! The Nashbar bike is absolutely breaking to the new ground. With 6061 aluminum frame, this bike weights even lighter than steel. No matter how bad the situation goes, this bike provides you with reliable brake system. You will be shocked at how nice this bike is!

Customer review

I’m totally blown away by such a nice Single Speed Mountain Bike. The hardware is decent and the frame is not heavy at all. You can get real good 29″ wheels while cycling around, it feels really nice and not a slightly bit of strenuous.


Mongoose Sabrosa SS Single Speed Bike (29-Inch Wheels) under $1000

Mongoose Sabrosa SS Single Speed Bike under 1000

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This superb sabrosa I’m recommending you is beyond imagination. Also with heat-tread aluminum frame keeps the weight at a very low level. Also, it has an extraordinary dropout system to assure your safety. The bike is design for riders who are willing to challenge themselves at the track, at the hills or even mountains, it motivate us to innovate ideas. If you want to be one of them, then come and get this bike!

Customer review

I love this Single Speed Mountain Bike and even nicknamed it the off-road-beast. The black and white color makes it looks even cooler. The aluminum frame and fork really lives up to my expectation. Some part of it I would like to have it replaced. I’m happy with this purchase so far.


My recommendations:

Biking represents a healthy lifestyle. I can even feel my fat burning when I’m sorting out this article. Personally speaking I will go for the Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike for its fancy style and well function. Please check these single speed road bikes under 200/500/1000 dollars online if you have a preference in mind.